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Video Production

We are an international video production business that specializes in commercials, corporate, brand, lifestyle, sports, and music videos. Our gifted creative team will go beyond to generate visually outstanding material for your media campaign.

We provide color grading, packaging services, raw footage conforming, generating final broadcast deliverables, and LTO-8 archiving for film, television, and other audio/video production.

Crossway Consulting is an independent production company, which is designed by filmmakers for filmmakers, eliminating unwarranted noise to offer you exactly what you need to take your production to the next level.

We will assist you with bringing your vision, mission, and messages to life through video, social media, or storytelling. Simply provide us with your ideas and watch as we execute exactly what you desired in a very professional, innovative, and interesting manner.

Video Production
Video Production

Video Editing

As video editors, we have an extensive post facility/agency experience and expert knowledge of DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, FCPX, and other professional video editing software’s. We have edited everything from documentaries and commercials to broadcast programming for national networks.

We have a great team of editors and colorists and project managers who have experience working with some of the most well-known brands in the world. They genuinely try to make the production process as easy and stress-free as possible while also having fun.

Our goal is to create high-quality audio-visual art works suitable for mainstream dissemination, corporate presentations/marketing pieces, non-profit organizations, and personal projects. Please contact us, and we will gladly respond to all inquiries. Thank you for your interest!

Color Grading

Crossway Consulting comprises many senior colorists who will visually elevate your narratives by transforming your images into extraordinary experiences. Our film production, color grading, and compositing services have been used by savvy industry professionals to create unique, sophisticated looks and engaging visual effects for a wide range of audio-visual projects.

Video Production
Video Production

Post Production For Films

We are committed to providing you with whatever you require, ensuring the success of your production. We are dedicated to providing you with every facility and service you require in order to develop your content in a streamlined, efficient, and timely manner, with as few problems or encumbrances as possible.

With this in mind, Crossway Consulting provides far more than just film production services. We have compiled a comprehensive list of services. These all services are available from us in one location, eliminating the need to source and manage them all separately. We will advise you of the most helpful solutions for your specific project.

Visual Effects

Today, 3D, visual effects, and animation are critical for reaching your target audience. To make your concepts a reality, you will need our experienced team of outstanding animation artists. They will grasp your idea fast and perform efficiently within your budget.

Crossway Consulting offers animation, visual effects, and 3D graphics services. We take satisfaction in being a vital contributor to successful television, film, web, industrial, medical, and business projects.

Because of our adaptability and low overhead, we can cover a wide range of tasks and suit practically any need, even if cost is an issue. We are on schedule, on budget, and on goal. We undertake both large and small assignments, scaling to the project and timeline, and we deliver them with perfection.

Video Production

Post VFX

Crossway Consulting is a group of creative artists who work together to create high-quality graphics. We mix passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to create jaw-dropping visual effects, animation, broadcast design, and motion graphics for shows and movies, as well as unique graphic design for many interactive media.

We maintain a comprehensive custom-configured hardware infrastructure to give our artists with the most up-to-date and industry standard technical solutions, preventing technical bottlenecks in the production pipeline. Our artists are never idle while waiting on renderings, thanks to a machine rack crammed with of CPU and GPU render farm technology and a self-managed cloud network. Clients can get completed files securely, immediately, and as rapidly as their download rates allow, with a dedicated gigabit internet connection.

Only top-tier software solutions are used, with our workflow revolving around an entire toolbox of specialized VFX and animation software packages.


Wire Removal and Rotoscoping

Crossway Consulting is a one-stop shop for rotoscoping, digital painting, wire removal, and match moving. We have worked with many studios as their extended division over the years, saving them time and money. Our creative teams are well-known for their rotoscoping and wire removal work.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the unrivaled quality of our award-winning work.