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Route 1 Logistics

  • Category Logo Design
  • Client Route 1 Logistics
  • Start Date 13 February 2022
  • Handover 17 February 2022
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Crossway Consulting took on the creative challenge of crafting a distinctive logo for “Route 1 Logistics,” a prominent trucking company based in Texas, USA. The logo encapsulated the company’s values, convey its expertise in the logistics industry, and create a memorable visual identity that resonated with both clients and partners.

  • + Logo Design
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Utilized colors that conveyed trust, reliability, and energy, creating a visual connection with the trucking and logistics domain.

Boldly crafted in shades of yellow, black, and white, the color palette evokes a sense of energy, professionalism, and clarity. Yellow captures the spirit of optimism and forward motion, reflecting the brand's commitment to delivering with enthusiasm. Black portrays strength, sophistication, and reliability—traits central to Route 1 Logistics' service. White adds a touch of purity and transparency, emphasizing the brand's sincerity and dedication.

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Crossway Project 6 Crossway Project 6

Complemented by clean and confident typography, the logo underscores the brand's reliability and expertise within the trucking industry. This emblem encapsulates the pledge of Route 1 Logistics: to always be the first route—a promise marked by bold colors and unwavering commitment.

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