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  • Category Mobile App Development
  • Client Vision Factory
  • Start Date 29 January 2022
  • Handover 05 July 2022
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There is a clear need for a comprehensive platform that integrates career analysis with LinkedIn data to offer tailored career goals and insights.

“AspireX” is an innovative mobile app that merges advanced data analysis algorithms with seamless integration of LinkedIn profiles. This integration allows users to gain real-time insights into their career graphs and make strategic career choices. The app’s intuitive interface empowers users to set and track measurable career objectives, while AI-driven recommendations based on LinkedIn data and user inputs provide personalized career goal suggestions.

  • + Mobile App Development
  • + UX/UI Design
  • + Back-end & Front-end Development
  • + Content writing
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Quest for Success

We have sucessfully delivered this transformative mobile app project. "AspireX" addresses the key requirements outlined in the RFP and sets a new standard in the career development landscape. At Crossway Consulting, we are committed to delivering excellence, innovation, and value to our clients.

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We are focused on conducting thorough testing to ensure a flawless user experience.

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