Local SEO

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Local SEO

Dominate your local market with our expert local SEO services. One of the most important tools in your arsenal is Local SEO. We can help you dominate the local market with our state-of-the-art Local SEO services. Research shows that around 86% of consumers search for local businesses and reach out to them within 24 hours, which is why your brand needs an optimized Google business profile listing.

We help you reach the top ranking in order to generate more traffic flow towards your website with the help of targeted keywords, building local citations and by monitoring your ratings and reviews. By focusing on Local SEO strategies, we achieve a higher ranking for your website and help you gain more local clients. A solid SEO presence guarantees more business not only globally but locally as well.

Local SEO
Local SEO


What’s Included in Local SEO Services?

On the ground level, Local SEO services start with the location of the user conducting the search for local businesses. So, we take care of all the local check-ins, social media shares, comments and reviews for you in order to improve your Onpage SEO importance. Here are a few tools that we use in order to achieve your desired results.

Optimize your Google Business Profile listing

When a consumer searches for a business nearby, they get results based on the businesses location and reviews in order to give you the top-ranking results. These results rely heavily on your Google Business profile listing, which is based on the information you provide. We make sure that the information used in your profile is accurate, complete and engaging.

Build local citations

Local Citations help search engines verify the existence, legitimacy and credibility of your business. We make your details appear on many relevant and trustworthy websites. Which makes Google’s algorithms to believe that your business exists and is legitimately beneficial for the end user. When that is achieved, it opens up a whole new avenue of consumer traffic for your business.

Target keywords

Keywords are essential to online marketing as they are the words people type or speak into their devices in order to search for their queries. The goal here is to reach the top of the first page of those search results. Which is why at Crossway Consulting we pride ourselves in researching the keywords used by potential clients. And then using them to build marketing materials, ad campaigns and SEO strategies around them in order to bring your business to the top.




Build links

Building backlinks is cardinal to off-page SEO. Search engines use backlinks as an indicator of the caliber of the content they link to, so websites with many quality backlinks usually rank higher than otherwise parallel websites with fewer backlinks. Here at Crossway consulting, we have mastered the art of quality link building in order to bring your brand to the top.

Monitor ratings and reviews

Our SEO professionals diligently monitor your SEO ranking along with the reviews 24/7 as these reviews help in deciding what’s best for your business. Without having real time accurate reports no one can implement SEO tactics which are successful for your business. Our specialized SEO professionals’ pride themselves in using this method to help make the end user in deciding to trust your business.