General Product Information Helpdesk

General Product Information Help desk services from Crossway Consulting are provided on a dedicated and shared basis to a range of clients including small, medium and large companies, manufacturers, OEM’s, financial institutions, schools, hospitals and government agencies.

General Product Information Helpdesk:

Our General Product Information Help desk team is comprised of highly-qualified and experienced support agents with a broad range of certifications, enabling us to offer all levels of support to a variety of product support environments with end-users ranging from beginner level to intermediate computer users for a range of products.

Supported Products:

Our technical support staff is able to provide all levels of dedicated tech support for many other types products and equipment – both electronic and non-electronic, including proprietary products and devices.

General Product Information Help desk Provides:

Our experienced General Product Information Help desk support services team offers all levels of support for a vast and constantly evolving array of products. We can assist with technical issues, general questions, sales inquiries, returns and more.

Examples of Products for General Product Information Helpdesk:

  • Electronic Devices
  • Non-Electronic Devices
  • Bio-Metric Devices
  • Computer Hardware/Software
  • Services
  • Subscriptions
  • Sweepstakes
  • Surveys/Customer Feedback
  • Student Support for Test/Exam Interface
  • Support for Medical Devices
  • Consumer Product Support
  • Commercial Product Support
  • Mobile Device Software.
  • Custom/Proprietary Software Programs

General Product Information Help desk – Facilities:

Crossway Consulting operates a 24/7 call center, with dedicated and shared General Product Information Help desk support services, including escalation/ticketing. Our General Product Information Help desk support staff includes bilingual agents and agents with diverse backgrounds, qualifications, certifications and experience.

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