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Email Marketing

Emails are the quickest way to announce a sale, share company news, or remarket to previous customers. We plan our most effective email marketing campaign based on modality, audience, and goals. When done right, email campaigns are a cost-effective, fast, and simple way to keep customers informed about (and excited about) new product launches or new promotions. Thus, businesses can send emails to thousands of recipients with just a few clicks.


Crossway Consulting’s email marketing services have simplified the process, allowing for greater automation and customization. Our marketing strategy is dynamic enough to achieve complex marketing goals depending on your needs, your infrastructure, and your organization’s capabilities. Regardless of a business’s size and industry, emails can present several business opportunities, from lead generation to customer engagement. However, we use your CRM to manage contacts, distribution lists, and campaigns, making it easier to segment, personalize, and measure.

Email Marketing
Email marketing

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience. Research indicates that on an average, 196 billion emails are sent per day, out of which 109 billion are business emails. Email marketing provides a personal and direct way to connect with customers. This allows an endless discussion of topics such as company updates, successes, and customer feedback requests. It has been noted that maintaining an email list is an efficient marketing strategy that can provide a return of 40 times for every dollar spent. By maintaining an email list, companies can enhance the cost advantages. It helps develop a better rapport with recipients, resulting in higher response rates. Furthermore, research shows that transactional emails have an open and click rate 8 times higher compared to other emails. It results in 6 times higher revenue compared to other types of emails. Contact us today for a free quote and take advantage of the benefits that email marketing has to offer.