CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, includes the methodologies, strategies, telephone, and web-based capabilities that help a business organize and manage ongoing customer relationships. In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, companies utilize this proven approach in order to gain a better understanding of the wants and needs of their customers. Crossway Consulting offers CRM Solutions with the experience, convenience and efficiency of an established leader.


An effective outsourced CRM solution will ensure that you retain your customer base, thereby increasing your annual revenues, by providing a low-cost, tax-friendly, alternative so your company can avoid the traditionally high costs (and therefore – high risk) associated with operating an equivalent solution in-house.


There is no other expenditure, including staffing, rent, product development, and advertising that can offer this virtually guaranteed return on your company’s investment.

Benefits Include:

  • Dependable ROI
  • Tax-Friendly
  • Retain Customer Base
  • Increased Sales
  • Satisfied Customers

Our experience with clients in the past has shown that Crossway Consulting’s CRM services enjoy an extraordinarily high customer satisfaction rating.

CRM Services Available for your Customers:

  • Customer Support
  • Virtual Sales Team
  • Complaints/Refunds
  • RMA
  • Technical Support
  • Internet Connectivity Support
  • Website Navigational Assistance
  • General Product Information and Support
  • Installation, Setup and Repair
  • Training for Software, Hardware and Internet
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostics
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Care
  • Crisis Resolution
  • and More

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