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Content Marketing and NFTs

Content marketing is best when done with NFTS. Brands like Gap, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Reebok, Lamborghini and others have made splashy content moves. An NFT is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger that can be sold and traded. Ownership of an NFT doesn’t mean you own the copyright to the digital asset it’s associated with. NFTs serve as the main digital interface between businesses and their customers.

NFTs include virtual objects, wearable technology, music and video files, and digital art. Each NFT has a distinct ID and has the power to alter how brands, customers, and content providers interact with one another.

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content marketing and nfts


Digital Content Strategy

Crossway Consulting uses NFTs to help brands identify distinctive experiences or physical objects besides digital assets, as opposed to just digital assets. We use the 3 Cs of content marketing to build your strategy–content, community, and consistency. As brand consultants and digital marketing specialist, it is our responsibility to be open and truthful with our brands. This requires educating the audience about the advantages of your NFT project rather than adopting it because other brands are.

The potential of the additional revenue stream is obvious. However, what it represents in terms of brand loyalty and engagement is far more significant. Long-term advantages for content partnership marketing will come from lifetime value and storytelling recorded on the blockchain ledger.

If your audience comprises gamers, art collectors or enthusiasts, you might decide to move faster than someone whose audience feels less connected to those circles. Imagine the interaction possibilities of your company working with artists and designers to reward customers with personalized digital gifts. Learn more about our content marketing services.