Crossway Consulting

Crossway Consulting (CC) is one of the nation’s leading call center and support service organizations as well as complete solution to any kind of digital media solutions such as (FIlm/Series/Tvc Sound design, 5.1 Mixing & Mastering, Music/Score, Sound Edit & Restoration, Video Editing, Color Grading, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Web Design) with headquarters located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Crossway Consulting enjoys strong financial stability with a senior management team that has been working together for more than 20 years. Our area of expertise focuses on the service marketplace providing unmatched help desk, call center support and customer services and digital media solutions.

The success and stability of Crossway Consulting is a result of a customer-focused business philosophy to provide companies and individuals with reliable solutions and exceptional service.

Our help desk team is always available 24/7/365 and is comprised of qualified customer service and support & media specialists, native English speaking agents, bilingual and multilingual agents, billing and product support specialists, software trainers, computer specialists, media producers and engineers with diverse backgrounds required to provide relevant support to customers.

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